Daniel Hex.

Daniel Hex is a very talented, Detroit based, up and coming artist. He is the real definition of music ARTIST because he paints a picture from his production to lyrics. One of my top 5 favorite artists hands down. Check out our conversation and one of his singles "PLAY" below.


What/who inspired u to rap ?

I started singing/writing music in like..middle school i think. my primary inspiration came from various places haha, i was a fan of Linking Park, Beyonce, john Mayer, Andre 3k, lots of shit.

What city u representing ?

im representing Detroit. even tho I'm a suburban nigga.

Do you play video games? If you do which ones do you play ? How has video games effected your life ?

i play a lot of video games that i grew up on...Sonic the hedgehog, DBZ, Super Mario, all that type shit. I'm big on retro soundtracks + color schemes, i feel like the early stages of my life playing those games had some type of effect on how my music sounds.

What kind of artist you would describe yourself as ?

I'd describe myself as a very, all over the place kind of artist. like i said, I'm kinda into a lot of shit but, as far as labels go id have to say I'm an ambient 'post-R&B/alternative' kinda guy.

What are some goals of yours ?

My goal is to be the greatest at what i do, ultimately. As far as discographies go, i want that content to be a source of light for all types of people in various communities. I want that content to have an undoubtable timelessness too it. God level type shit ya know? tho i think we all want something of that sort. I wanna run a few companies that'll eventually innovate our general process of creating music on a worldwide scale. i wanna do a lot man.