Scott. Dawson.

This is Scott Dawson. This is top 3 most talented artist, i feel, in Detroit. He takes emotion and nostalgia into amazing creations from logos, covers to clothing and events. Check out some of his work on instagram here. Scott has a lot of great work and most of it is inspired by old video games, and you know thats what Astro Nation is all for. So check out our interview below and get to know Scott....


what/who inspired u to create ?

i was inspired by other artists i met in high school. kind of steered me to focus on my creative side and i ended up picking up on alot of different mediums. fashion, graphic design, etc..

What city u representing ?

Detroit, MI

Do you play video games ?

When i'm not working or sleep

If you do which ones do you play ?

Im into fighting games, street fighter, tekken shit like that. really into the early 00's playstation hits, like marvel vs. capcom 2.. perfect

How has video games effected your life and/or art ?

idk the older games gave me something to look forward to, having to unlock shit ya know. and i try to incorporate that into some of my art by always adding onto or expanding on something small or a base.

What kind of artist you would describe yourself as ?

i just make stuff man, whatever medium appeals to me at the time.

What are some goals of yours ?

as far as goals i want for myself, just to be able to support the people around me better. as far as a creative? fashion week, and having the craziest exhibition of our generation. both soon