"Msanii", meaning "artist" in Swahili, is one of the most organic brands from Detroit. The brands creator, Wynton Vaughn, really makes art instead of just clothes. You might even catch him touching up a product of his during his events. This brand does different events & popups in multiple cities and has appeared on celebrities such as Rae Sremmurd, Tee Grizzley, etc. Take a look below at some of their clothes and the short interview with Wynton. Stay updated with "Msanii" here on the site and our social media. Also go follow their Instagram: @msaniico.


I wanna know what/who inspired u to create/start doing what you’re doing

I always had a unconscious passion and appreciation for art in general. And everyday people inspire me to create. Life and evolution and style became a huge interest of mine. But i first fell in love with shoes.

What city u representing?

You already know the city, “The D,” Westside Detroit.

Do you play video games?

I actually don’t. Lol. I use too.

If you do which ones do you play...Whats your favorite?

My favorite game system is Nintendo 64

How has video games effected your life and/or art?

I do feel like video games are a great exercise of different way of thinking.Video games bring life like thing and fantasy things into the palm of your hand. Where you are in control. Video games give you a sense of power.

What are some goals of yours ?

Some goals i set were:

have a promotion business. have my own clothing line. Have my own Cognac. Have my own club. Have my own resturaunt.