We have been waiting a long time to add this one. Jodye Watts the Detroit native rapper will now be aded to the Astro rotation starting today. "My experiences growing up in Detroit heavily inspire the music I create. My family, the music they played around me (JAZZ, SOUL, HIP-HOP, MOTOWN, & CLASSICAL). People who I know and crossed paths with, the things I’ve seen & been through as a kid growing up til present day all play a part within my creative process; currently that's where I'm drawing from. Though those key elements are the root of who I am, my inspiration is constantly changing. I'm never set on one thing/idea or going into something with the same mindset before," says the artist...."I have big things planned for 2020 that I can't exactly talked about yet but, I'm excited and can't wait to share! Go stream 'Unpopular Opinions ( To Each His Own)' until then..."- @jodyewatts STREAM "UNPOPULAR OPINIONS" NOW